Rise Up!

Say it ain't so! What's that now?? I have been called upon to shoot a wedding! A former college peer, who is also a photographer, reached out to me for a friend in a bind. As it turns out, the bride's best laid plans fell through which left her in a lurch.

We have set our plans and I will be shooting my first wedding. I am glad to be of service and to lend some skills to give a helping hand. It is a circumstance of mutual benefit as they are also helping me rise up and expand upon my photography skill sets. I have committed myself to learning and growing and I believe in the power of following the open doors. Seek and you shall find.

So, in preparation of this latest endeavor, I have ordered rented gear, I have begun my increasingly growing stock pile of batteries and SD cards, and have continued to research ideas for creativity in the field.

Stay tuned as there will be an update to come!!