Blog who?

Ha! This poor space has been neglected! I have been taking some time as of late, to really think about the direction I would like to take with this space. Please stick with me and practice patience as I get it back up and running more consistently! Thank you for your continued support!! Mad love to ya!

Who run the world?

Girls! I had the opportunity see these ladies in action as they put together their first event. They are passionate about making their dreams come true and are doing so by also helping others and supporting great causes! Kudos to them as they put together this first event; of which they hope to have many more. So glad to be a part of the action!



Rise Up!

Say it ain't so! What's that now?? I have been called upon to shoot a wedding! A former college peer, who is also a photographer, reached out to me for a friend in a bind. As it turns out, the bride's best laid plans fell through which left her in a lurch.

We have set our plans and I will be shooting my first wedding. I am glad to be of service and to lend some skills to give a helping hand. It is a circumstance of mutual benefit as they are also helping me rise up and expand upon my photography skill sets. I have committed myself to learning and growing and I believe in the power of following the open doors. Seek and you shall find.

So, in preparation of this latest endeavor, I have ordered rented gear, I have begun my increasingly growing stock pile of batteries and SD cards, and have continued to research ideas for creativity in the field.

Stay tuned as there will be an update to come!! 


Sometimes if I stop and think about it long enough, it blows my mind that we can just think things into fruition. If you would have told me a year ago that I would be using my own camera to shoot musicians, I would have laughed in disbelief. I'm sure greater things are at work, pulling the strings behind the scenes.

I decided to take that next leap into the new world of unknown by reaching out to PR people for bands coming to local venues. Much like a job hunt, I sent out several emails like they were resumés, thinking I would probably hear very little in return. Much to my very BIG surprise, most of them gave me the go-ahead to shoot photos at their concerts! Not only that, some extended free tickets, and one asked me if I would be willing to take some candids!

I was shocked in disbelief! It was the most amazing news and I have been flying high ever since. With that being said however, I hadn't anticipated the super fast, warped speed increase in work. So, needless to say, it has left me feeling very busy. But, I can't think of any other way I'd want to spend my time.  

I can only hope that this leads to newer and even bigger opportunities down the line. I can't wait to see what's in store!!

From my lips to God's ears, Hallelujah! Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

In The Works

Wow! How time flies! So, I have recently gone through a series of changes! This year has certainly been busy! I moved and I simultaneously changed my job. With that being said, I spent a large amount of time getting adjusted and getting back to a place where I could think about photography. Unfortunately, amidst the changes, photography fell to the back burner,

which left me feeling bummed.

However, I am in the works... planning to meet with a friend to discuss financial logistics and image details. I am also currently researching live music photography, hoping to contact bands to gain access passes. Next goals:

1) gain access to shooting live music  

2) create and build a portfolio for live music photos

3) Become legitimate freelance $$ 

Its been a while, but I'm back with a vengeance!!! 

Building Blocks

Part of any new path is the journey it takes to get where you wanna go. It's easy to get discouraged or to look at the mountain and feel the pangs of despair. But, I'm finding, sometimes it's better to look back to see how far you've come. Everything takes time, often more time than we'd like. When I began this particular journey, I did so not really anticipating the emotional roller coaster it would eventually become. I say this, humorously of course, but it's true! It's easy, as an adult, to forget what it's like to start at the beginning... the be the newb, the rookie. And once you become the newbie, you realize how difficult it can be to have to make mistakes. No one ever tells you that, making mistakes in adulthood seems painful sometimes. It's one of the most vulnerable things we do; and the more we put ourselves out there, the more vulnerable it feels. It's necessary for real change - Lasting change! Growth. Happiness. And purpose.

With that said however, mistakes are life. Mistakes ARE the building blocks. Nobody ever gets anywhere without them. So, if you're on a new journey today or find yourself on a new one soon, just remember, don't sweat the mistakes - learn from them. Grow. And change. Let those mistakes guide you to be the best possible version of who you want and need to be!

 Props to whomever created this image. Creator unknown

Props to whomever created this image. Creator unknown

Trial Shoots

Two down, four to go! Free trial photo shoots have proved to be just that! Lots of learning curves and growth. I am incredibly grateful for people who reached out to be involved and who are willing to take a chance on me. I am learning new skills in camera, in editing, and online via the website. I am learning how to grow as a business, how to market and advertise myself as a brand, and how to provide quality images with best resolution. They are equally complicated in their own unique ways. Keeps me on my toes! I am also learning what I like in my own editing process and what I do not like. And everyday I am growing toward who I want to be as a photographer and an artist. Although it has been keeping me incredibly busy, I am enjoying the process!



Owning The Process

So, I came to a point - a crossroad with photography. It left me paralyzed with questions and fear and doubt. It was decision time. I had to decide... do I want to stay small and maintain photography as a hobby? Or, do I dare greatly and allow myself to grow? To follow an unknown path? What will happen if I choose? Who will I become and will I be content with her? What would I regret more? I took the time. For a few months, I put the camera away. I stopped. I didn't think. Not for a while. I went back to the hum of everyday life and I allowed myself to stop thinking about it. I put guilt and regret and fear and curiosity on the shelf and I went back to life as it were. But, then something happened. I couldn't stop thinking about it. That little light shone through... that little voice - "but what if you can?"

As a result, After a few months, I picked up my camera and again, I played around with it. To my surprise, I picked up right where I left off; amazed at what I would do with it. I realized, with conviction, this makes me feel happy. I began to let go of the comparisons, the self doubt, the fear, the guilt, the what-ifs... etc, etc, etc. I laid them down. Without thought or words, I gave myself permission. I walked to the proverbial edge, I looked over the side, I let my thoughts and feelings float away, and I lept.